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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You are Drinking an XTREME Energy Drink

(submitted by hog_ignorant)

10. You instantly become disqualified for all olympic events. (Wools)
9. It has all thirteen sub neutrimites for your Z-Corex and your EXTREME zone! (Boogaboogabooga)
8. When mixed with hard liquor, you can drink for 72 hours straight without passing out. (EvilEmily)
7. Hummingbirds come up to you and say "Whoa...slow down, Dude!" (srp)
6. You have an XTREME urge to put on roller blades and not wash your hair for the next year. (lumberjack)
5. Your pee comes out whistling like a bottle rocket on the fourth of July. (amylita conchita alonzo)
4. The slogan is "LSD for the pepsi generation." (greenstripe)
3. Your heartbeat begins to make a dent in your skeleton. (Janitor Bob)
2. It's got three more grams of carbohydrates than the regular energy drink, and that's just crazy, man! (Cyrano)
1. Nothing happens. But then you want another one just in case. (ratfink)

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