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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Muppet Outcasts

(submitted by thegreatmoleman2.0)

10. Harry the Hung Hippo (Laffman)
9. Sniffalottastuff (Laffman)
8. Sherene, Janice's hot lesbian lover (Boom Oy!)
7. Spike, the Hug-Happy Porcupine (Smilee)
6. Wendell, the Love-Starved Traveling Broadway Monster (Hanky Panky)
5. My Sock (DA maNA)
4. The Nookie Monster (Demolition Man, Alfredo Garcia)
3. Spike, the Huggable Porcupine (Kid with quills in my face)
2. Hot Bird, Big Bird's live-in girlfriend (Maniac Bob)
1. Ming, the politically correct 1/2 black, 1/2 mexican gay muppet with unspecified gender (Steve hates Wisconsin)

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