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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons You Were a Victim of an Alien Abduction

(submitted by MIS Testing Team 2003 )

10. You were the only one dumb enough to get caught. (lil Miss Hermione)
9. All that bragging that you don't believe in Aliens (lil miss hermione)
8. You remember that weird kid you made fun of at school? It turns out he was actually an heir to one of those galactical empires just visiting earth on an exchange. Also, his father just died. (Orlphar)
7. You live in a trailor park in alabama. (hey i do too!)
6. They're locked out of the house, and they genetically encoded the key in you. (it's all carp)
5. Your colon has "moon rocks." (Drewpy)
4. You're Elvis. (Thomas Palsson)
3. They picked up "The Jerry Springer Show" on their satellite and thought you are a celebrity or some kind of royalty. (small and furry.)
2. Someone pinned an "ABDUCT ME" sign to your back. (Geoduck)
1. It was the only reason you could give the police officer on why you were handcuffed naked to the steering wheel. (FBI)

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