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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons We Don't Wear White After Labor Day

(submitted by torent)

10. Martha Stewart has a wicked temper, that's why. (Andy)
9. White reflects heat. Dark colors absorb it. It's gettin' colder after Labor day. You do the math. (Lil Miss Hermione)
8. Too dificult to find your children in the snow if they're wearing white. (Deimodius (Honey, are the kids behind the car? I need to back out...))
7. The same reason doctors wear pink lab coats instead of white ones. (Eman)
6. The fabric will disintegrate if you try to get out one more ketchup stain. (silver girl)
5. Same reason we don't wear pink after Veteran's Day or polka dots after Passover, 'nuff said... (Thomas Palsson)
4. Takes until Memorial Day to get the Labor Day barbecue ketchup stains out. (Shakespeare)
3. In a puff of dust those 'Queer Eye' guys will tackle you and man those hands go everywhere... (Buttsey57)
2. The laundermat pixies traditionally celebrates the passing of summer by leaving a brand new red sock with every load of whites. (Thomas Palsson)
1. Since this rule was adopted, Missing Person reports have dropped 63% in Alaska, Minnesota, and Canada. (jaxsean)

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