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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That Your Parents Want You To Move Out

(submitted by a little glowing friend)

10. They take in boarders for the bunk bed in your room. (Checkers)
9. your white laundry suddenly shows up pink...every load (lil miss hermione)
8. They introduce you to visitors as "The pock on our household." (Kent)
7. Your father hung his stuffed deer head on your wall and now refers to the room as "my den". (. : V I S I O N : .)
6. Leave note on your door: "Please pick up bread, milk, eggs & a new place to live." (Cisko Kid)
5. They've rented out half of your room to a rather large sweaty man named Kevin. ('vette)
4. Your mother is blasting Barry Manilow at high volume all hours of the night! (K. L. Duke #795)
3. What are the odds of a bowl of Alpha-bits cereal spelling out "move out now" 652 mornings in a row? (Thomas Palsson)
2. You get gift certificates from U-Haul for your birthday. (Tristan)
1. At the garage sale, you catch your parents trying to stick a $5 price tag on you. (Eman)

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