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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Summer Regrets

(submitted by Kent)

10. Buying season tickets for the Detroit Tigers (Toe9)
9. Deciding to leave my holiday until after the summer break, say the second half of September, and thinking the Virginia Coast looked nice (sageandscholar)
8. Sending your ten year old to Michael Jackson's Summer Camp for Boys (rocketman)
7. That whole 'lawnmower chicken launcher' thing (Buttsey57)
6. Three words: overclocking the grill (Dir en floyd)
5. Should have handed the site over to my partner and gotten a life outside of the Top Ten List site (Magik)
4. J-Lo (Ben Affleck (aka jaxsean))
3. Not getting nominated for the California recall election (Tach, Am I the only one????)
2. Blackout party didn't last long enough to get through all that looted beer (JLM2daybinge)
1. Didn't find Saddam, Osama, or Waldo (inspector 42)

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