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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Won't Get a Second Date

(submitted by Kent)

10. Brainstorming for names for your children on a first date was just a little too weird... (JDA2ii)
9. You wake up naked and tied up in the middle of nowhere after she stole your car and money and left you for dead. (ChocoDave)
8. you showed her your Scooby-doos too soon. Right away too soon (Scooby dooby doo where are you?)
7. Your date ''accidentally'' spilled her drink on you.....4 times. (Leonard Lind)
6. She's been in the bathroom for almost four hours. (LP)
5. Apparently she wasn't impressed with the watching the entire Star Wars trilogy at your mom's house as a first date. (Kent)
4. She didn't seem to appreciate your belching "I love you!" over the loud speakers at Charlies Belt Buster Bar-B-Que Shack. (Charlie)
3. When you answered the door she called the restaurant and asked for the check. (Buttsey57)
2. The restraining order was quite clear on this. (Kent)
1. Well, although your date would like to continue to see you, apparently she has to move abroad tomorrow. Something to do with work. Or school. Or something. (Thomas Palsson)

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