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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Side-Effects of Working in a Cubicle

(submitted by bobbogsu21)

10. You can switch from Solitaire to Word Perfect in 0.4 seconds flat. (amylita)
9. You've discovered a latent fascination for buying a Volvo. (Boxy Cars)
8. You begin to believe that if other people cannot see you, they must likewise be unable to hear you. (andy)
7. Your idea of good interior design is thumbtacking a bunch of your favorite Dilbert comic strips to the wall. (Laffman)
6. You have an irrational fear of a giant hammer every time raise your head above the wall. (V's Herbie)
5. You've got to buy an "ultra compact" car and a dog house to satisfy your needs. (Sweet!)
4. Pillow talk at night just doesn't feel right unless there is a partition in the bed. (Barry)
3. Every day you wait for FedEx to deliver the cellphone, so Morpheus can tell you what to do next. (Batman (no thumbs))
2. All of your personal space issues have been solved, but your therapist really misses you. (JesBoscoe & Batman)
1. You begin to empathize with mimes and their daily tortures. (bok-choy)

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