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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Red Flags in Online Dating Profiles

(submitted by my turn-ons include puppies, sunsets, and long walks on the beach)

10. 'No Photo Availaible' (Buttsey57)
9. SF, 22, looking for a rich SM or DM, 70+, with no heirs and in poor physical condition. (andy)
8. His biggest achievement has been that he may already be a winner in the reader's Digest Sweepstakes. (Dan)
7. Turn Ons: walking on the beach, snuggling, three-ways. (kebbers :))
6. "...minimal number of parole violations..." (Skating Zebra)
5. "Loves Long Walks on Beach" really means: Forget sitting on your butt watching the game this Saturday! (Bob Clemmons)
4. Describes himself as a "hands on" type of priest. (jumpin jack)
3. That thing about "Really loving children" was also listed in his police record! (WillieBEZ)
2. I'm looking for a lady...or similar... (mrs smith)
1. Me and my Paladin (Norbor) slew 300 goblins with our +2 vorpal axe and we rescued Xarandrap (a 50th !! level mage), who now owes us a .... (JLM2makesavingthrow)

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