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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Gray Davis' Top Ten Excuses for Losing the California Re-call Election

(submitted by Deimodius)

10. Didn't drink as many power shakes as the big guy (Rocketman)
9. Governing ungrateful Californians, or vacation in Hawaii? The choice is clear. (TheRob)
8. His lack of prowess in the dead-lift competition (Kent)
7. It was the only way he would ever get to be on Dave Letterman. (Bob Clemmons)
6. That's what he gets for his bad local paper review of 'Kindergarten Cop' all those years ago (Buttsey57)
5. Thought the recall would be blocked by that Do Not Call list thing (Jamie)
4. Hard to concentrate on campaigning when you have Gary Coleman biting at your ankles (Thomas Palsson)
3. Voters were convinced it was the Oscars. (Bobby Plant )
2. There were just too many other candidates running on the unknown, unqualified, uninformed platform. (lefty)
1. Now that he's been recalled, he can pursue a lucrative career as an action movie star in Hollywood. (Deimodius)

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