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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Blind Date Works For The CIA

(submitted by k.a)

10. Has no apparent memories proir to 1995. (Floeman)
9. It wasn't that she sent the wine back at dinner, it was when she garrotted the sommelier. (Alfredo Garcia)
8. She keeps asking you to describe your visit to Cuba into her purse. (Lis)
7. You forgot to tell her that you'd be the one with the red book... but she didn't even hesitate before sitting next to you at the busy restaurant. (Orlphar)
6. The lipstick gun and the little black book full of strange ciphers made you suspicious, but the Dentyne Cyanide Blast gum was a real giveaway. (notMe)
5. All the photos in his wallet are blurry and indistinct, plus he cannot remember names, places and times the photos were taken. (Styro knows background cover)
4. Knows about that cupcake incident that occured during second grade. (Toe9)
3. The rigorous background check, required references, and extensive insurance waivers seemed a bit odd. (Kent)
2. Although claiming to be a data clerk from Ohio, she speaks Arabic to the cab driver and Mandarin to the waiter at the Chinese restaurant you took her to. (Strat)
1. She confesses that she likes flowers, long walks, bubble baths and covert military operations. (Alfredo Garcia)

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