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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Halloween Costumes

(submitted by M@)

10. 90's altenative rock star. No one wants to listen to all that angst or see all that plaid. (Tach)
9. A witch...dressed up as a little girl dressed up as a witch dressed up as a little girl dressed up as a witch... (Nny)
8. Any archaeologist other than Indiana Jones (Asteria "the anthro geek")
7. California Gubernatorial Candidate - "Will Legislate For Food" (Squeezette)
6. A tuxedo and a stuffed white tiger taped to your neck (radman3636)
5. Why ruin some sheets for your kid's ghost costume when you have a lot of perfectly good plastic bags from the grocery store? (Orlphar)
4. Going to a keg party dressed as a urinal. What was I thinking? (Wools)
3. Roseanne Barr dressed as Catwoman (Michelle Luvs D!)
2. In retrospect, you should have cleaned out the pumkin BEFORE putting it on your head. (Jabba the Fatt)
1. The Ghost of Michael Jackson's Nose (Sitase-chan)

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