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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Differences between Movie College and Real College

(submitted by Asteria "the college student")

10. In movie college there is sex, even for the geeky-loser. In real college that geeky-loser will never have sex. (Geeky-loser)
9. In movie college, your rival fraternity is made of a bunch of rich snobs. In real college, your rival fraternity (if there is one) is like yours, a bunch of partying drunks. (ToJo)
8. In movie college , a full load entials a massive 2 classes a week (Floeman)
7. When you skip all classes all semester, and then decide the last week of school that you DO really want to graduate, the whole student body does NOT pitch in to help you study for those finals. (FroJo)
6. Nerds taking revenge involves less winning homecoming competitions and more ruining credit ratings. (Leaper)
5. In the movies the dean is a bad man who wants to ruin your life. In real life you don't have a clue who the dean is.
4. In Movie College, beating the snivelling rich-boy leader of the powerful frat house in a wacky race is a completely acceptable alternative for aquiring your degree (and a beautiful girl). (Deimodius (went to University))
3. Dorm size, by about 3 acres. (Sitase-chan)
2. College students in movies do lots of binge drinking, random making out, video-game playing, and very little studying. In real life, there's a lot more going to the bathroom. (My Degree Is A Haze)
1. Movie College: Hot teachers! Real College: Sweaty Teachers (Mute)

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