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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Don't Have What It Takes To Be A Lumberjack

(submitted by Kent)

10. Your "Sierra Club 4 Life" tattoo (Tristan)
9. You spend more time picking splinters out of your hands with your "lucky tweezers" than actually chopping wood. (FroJo)
8. The waxed and polished Ax with a cushioned polyurethane grip and ergonomically correct handle was a dead give away. (Kent)
7. You think pancakes loaded with syryp are bad for your cholesterol. (jaxsean)
6. "Flannel? Oh no, sweetheart, this boy does not look good in flannel!" (Johnny Wad)
5. It takes you a week to grow that rugged 5 o’clock shadow. (Kent, Carl the bear)
4. The "truck" you drive is an El Camino. (Kent)
3. Maybe if you whistled fewer show tunes (Alfredo Garcia)
2. You get out of breath just lifting a "Cheese Log." (hoss)
1. You still can't tell the difference between polka dots and plaid. (the meganator and sheemers)

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