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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Survived the Dotcom Bust

(submitted by Ben Worth)

10. Any website that can be used to waste time at work will never be subject to a downturn in the economy. (Snoop Rob)
9. Carefully solicited ideas with "Top Ten Ways to Avoid Corporate Bankruptcy" list (rorschak)
8. Occasional changes to background and graphics deflect attention away from the questionable accounting practices. (Laffman)
7. Not paying an outrageous salary for a sock puppet is a start. (Steve hates Wisconsin, Tristan, GeoffLaw)
6. The site is actually a CIA front for sending coded messages to undercover agents. (Maniac Bob)
5. One of 3 known sites to be free of X10 ads. (Shaggy Wolf)
4. Frequent use of counting ensured accurate bookkeeping. (dhla)
3. You know how all the dinosaurs were wiped out when an asteroid hit but the insects survived. It's sort of like that. (AckThwap)
2. Just in time inventory (DA maNA)
1. The IPO offering was bought up by their mommies, guaranteeing lots of venture capital, as well as fresh baked cookies. (mikieb)

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