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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

(submitted by FroJo)

10. Send just one family member and have him do live onsite webcasts for the rest of you. (Geoduck)
9. Gas can be very expensive in other states, so make sure you pack a few suitcases full of cheap gas before leaving. (Fluff)
8. Why waste money on food when McDonalds has free ketchup? (SpGirl)
7. Stay overnight in the changing rooms in 24 Hour Walmarts. (silver girl)
6. Instead of going to the beach, just fill all your shoes with sand and rub your entire skin with a cheese grater. Saves time, too. (caustic_muskrat)
5. Extra large sized padded luggage on a cargo flight is just like economy class except with more privacy. (Eman)
4. Instead of wasting valuble money on hotel meals, stun a pidgeon with your suitcase and cook it with the hotel-provided iron. (only 15 calories!)
3. a) Sit in Lazy-Boy. b) Duct tape ViewMaster to head. c) 10 Beaches in 10 Minutes (legnem cram)
2. Pose as a 13 year old girl on the Internet until someone buys your plane ticket. (infrequent flyer)
1. Can't afford to keep the pets at the kennel or food during the trip? Kill two birds with one stone and bring the pets with you. (Splunge)

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