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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Global Warming is a Hoax

(submitted by JBJ_Elvis)

10. They caught the mad scientist. It's over now. (Cyrano)
9. My wife's still frigid. (bobby plant, wheels(spanky))
8. The drawer in your refrigerator that's not supposed to freeze always freezes.
7. Public service announcements regarding global warming are sponsored by Coppertone. (ThegreatDanDino, Orlphar)
6. If Global Warming were a serious threat then it'd make the cover of "The Enquirer" before Elvis' Two-Headed Bat-Boy Love Child. (Walrus)
5. The bodies I bury in my yard during the winter freeze just has fast as they did 10 years ago. (helpdeskgod)
4. If it were true, how would you explain Superman's Ice Cave? (AckThwap)
3. If it were true, don't you think the food at Jack-n-the-Box would be the least bit warm by now? (DA maNA, Rachel)
2. Michael Jackson's nose hasn't melted yet. (Anna)
1. Has James Bond ever tried to stop it? I didn't think so. Then it must not exist. (Magik)

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