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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Move Back in with Mom and Dad

(submitted by EMMY)

10. Free food, free beer, free place - hey why the hell did I move out in the first place? (Floeman)
9. Your current landlord doesn't give you an allowance for taking out the trash. (k.a)
8. It would be your final step towards the coveted "supreme loser" title. (Kent)
7. Sex is always better with the chance of getting caught. (spork)
6. Complete freedom just isn't as good as nagging with food. (Bess)
5. You could move on with your life any time. Mom and Dad's money won't always be there. (TLVMAN)
4. You're 32, been on your own for six months now and hey, its just not working out. (lefty)
3. There is only so long a man can live on Hot Dogs and Ramen Noodles. (Pook)
2. Because that "make your own fertilizer" venture just didn't work out. (Lotta plants to feed)
1. Can pilfer all the possessions you want from their estate now, before you have to split them up with your siblings later. (FroJo)

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