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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Humpty Dumpty Fell Off the Wall

(submitted by MEZMAH)

10. Picking a wedgy, he lost his balance. (MiKeY LAW!!)
9. It was an accident. He fell off the wall onto a knife 17 times. (Joey Bag O'doughnuts)
8. After a horrible summer, his horoscope said he was in for a "Great Fall," causing him to jump for joy. (McNally)
7. The King's horses were heating up the frying pan while the King's men were shooting spitballs at him. Like they even tried putting him back together again. (Barry)
6. He had spent the night before arguing with Mother Hubbard, and his 'nog' level was 1.21, well above the egg nogging limit. (jaxsean)
5. He was practicing for his return competition with Jack-be-Nimble, and accidentally slipped. (Chris97)
4. Reaching too far to snatch that ball in the NLCS. (pick me pick me, GC3, Nerfman)
3. It was an elaborate ploy to get all of the King's horses and all of the King's men out of the castle. (Orlphar)
2. Because he ignored the OSHA sticker that said "DANGER - DO NOT SIT ON OR ABOVE THIS HIGH - YOU CAN FALL RESULTING IN SERIOUS INJURY OR EVEN DEATH" (hoss, sploosh)
1. He saw Miss Muffet's tuffet. (jk60611, anna banana, ChocoDave)

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