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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things To Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

(submitted by kielco, Bob Clemmens)

10. My kid didn't join the Neverland Cub Scout troop (RiverBoy)
9. Even though I'm bald, at least I have back hair. (jumpin)
8. I don't live in a state where my Govenor can bench press a tank. (Toe9)
7. Michael Jackson and Martha Stewart could both be in jail soon (jumpin)
6. Being Canadian, I didn't have to wait until November for my turkey dinner. (Deimodius)
5. That the Turkeys don't have a day where they stuff people and eat them with cranberry sauce. (SPLAT)
4. FINALLY, Mother's saurkraut pie was vetoed . . . unanimously. (Midget)
3. Spam turkey, spam stuffing, spam on the cob, spam-berry sauce, spam-apple pie, spam jello, spam fights at the kids table, and OH YEAH, left over spam sandwiches! (wheels)
2. Aunt Jeanne isn't making a "Tofu Turkey" this year. (Wohoo!!! Real meat!!!)
1. That with the low-carb stuffing, no-sugar-added cranberries, and fat-free gravy.. I can have all the damn turkey I want!! (JrsyRose)

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