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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Kermit The Frog's Top Ten Pet Peeves

(submitted by a little glowing friend)

10. Being permanantly remembered for his early rolls in the muppets. Nobody buys the "bad-boy" gig from his latest project "sex in the swamp." (the left out pig)
9. Fozzy Bear is always asking him to 'pull his finger' (talshadar)
8. He's a talented Shakespearean actor, and he gets stuck with a bunch of crazies. (Krig the Viking)
7. An aging Miss Piggy keeps spending his money on "chop lifts." (Bob Clemmons)
6. Recent conversion to Judaism is really throwing off his love life. (JrsyRose)
5. Shrek insists that it's easy being green. (RiverBoy)
4. Back in college, his roommates kept trying to lick him to see if they could get a buzz. (Deimodius)
3. The sudden realisation that he's been walking around without pants on for decades and no one tried to tell him. (eh?)
2. Being confused for the Geico gecko (Eman)
1. Romantic scenes with Miss Piggy are like kissing a football. (Bob Clemmons)

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