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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Waste Time Whilst in an Airport

(submitted by avid marrion)

10. Ask people if you can repack their luggage for them. (DA maNA)
9. Make a friend, and go to the gate to see their flight take off... just for old times sake. (Bob clemmons)
8. See how many seats you can "save" in the waiting area. (jaxsean)
7. Organize a wheel chair racing tournament! (No dear I didn't)
6. Toss a dime through the metal detector just when someone walks through. (Orlphar)
5. Use mini-bullhorn to announce gate changes (rorschak)
4. Help out security by re-inspecting other passengers' carry on bags after they've gone through the security checkpoint. (No dear I didn't)
3. Four words: Golf Cart Drag Racing!!!!!!! (Kirt R. Myle)
2. Hack into the computer system and change all the arrival/departure times to GONE FISHIN' BE BACK IN 5 MINUTES (...i wonder what THIS does....)
1. Stand by the checkpoint, and ask people to remove their socks, just for laughs. (Bob Clemmons)

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