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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Frogs Make Great Pets

(submitted by FroJo)

10. Invite two of his friends over and you've got an instant beer commerical. (Moose)
9. If that girl from last night is still in the bed in the morning, just get up and put it little Kermie. (Orlphar)
8. They never claw the furniture like the alligator does. (Checkers)
7. Your wife won't even try to get him in the divorce. (Buttsey57)
6. Their evening walks are very short. (Hoss)
5. They aren't nearly as high maitenance as a prince. (Guinastasia)
4. Anything green and slimy is great with sisters. (Chris97, Buttsey57)
3. Frogs use less energy than electric bug zapper but are just as entertaining to watch them kill insects. (Snarfo)
2. You may never understand a single word they say, but you can help them drink their wine (and they always have mighty fine wine). (Leaper)
1. Your shih-tzu got run over, and computer simulations show that this little guy should fare much better in heavy traffic. (Cyrano)

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