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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Changes When Arnold Schwarzenegger Becomes President

(submitted by jep)

10. Congress will be renamed "The House of Girlie-Men." (Moose)
9. The inaugural ball will have a Conan The Barbarian theme. (batman (no thumbs) & carl the bear)
8. We will get an official apology not only from Austria, but also the Mr. Universe organizers. (erik)
7. The cabinet will be composed of Jenifer Gardner, Alicia Keys, Sylvester Stalone, and J-Lo.
6. Watching "Christmas Vacation," "The Christmas Story," or "It's A Wonderful Life" will become a federal offense with the passing of the "Jingle All The Way" amendment. (Boneless Boy)
5. "Department of Defense" will be changed to "Department of turning things into rubble." (Viddy)
4. "Learning to speak with a German accent" will become the highest rated informercial of all time. (Aaron Hirshberg)
3. An extra P.E. class will replace math. (heya)
2. "Pressing the flesh" will take on new meaning. (notMe)
1. The population of Canada will triple. (The Baker)

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