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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Found On Mars By NASA

(submitted by buttplug)

10. They only found nine things before the rover broke down. (meep the cynic)
9. A note saying, “Squandered the natural resources. Moved one planet closer to sun.” (jk60611)
8. The fact that a little car driving around on remote control looking at rocks captures the heartbeat of a nation...for 10 seconds. (Buttsey57)
7. A bone-filled spacesuit bearing China's emblem from the Chang dynasty, thousands of years ago. (who gives a damn?)
6. Rocks, and lots of 'em. (ardie)
5. Starbucks. (srp)
4. A kindly old man named Dmitri with a broken spaceship and outdated political views. (Bean)
3. The lone Dennis Kucinich supporter. (meep the cynic)
2. T-shirts with sayings like: "Mars or Bust", "I went to Mars and all i got was this T-shirt", and "I was with stupid but dropped him off at Earth" (The Luscious Cupcake)
1. "My goodness Houston! Dust! And enough for everyone!" (Flip201)

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