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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little-Known Rules of the British Parliament

(submitted by Deimodius)

10. There is a two drink minimum for the loyal opposition. (LetWookieeWin)
9. If you yell "Shotgun" that big comfy chair at the front is yours! (Michelle Loves Dan)
8. The Prime Minister must do three victory laps when his government successfully passes a bill. (Deimodius)
7. You may throw things at your opponents, but if you miss they get to throw it back at you. (ouchouch)
6. Calling attention to the Secretary of Transport's odour is a treasonable offence. (hog_ignorant)
5. Anyone not in their seats when Big Ben strikes nine has to remove their pants for the duration of the day. (Tristan)
4. If the Prime Minister overhears his secretary make a derogatory comment about the Queen, he is legally obligated to behead him with a letter-opener. (british_bemused_meerkat)
3. If you disagree with a fellow parliament member it is OK to beat them with a stick as long as it's not more than a thumb thick.
2. The Minister of Agriculture is technically allowed to keep two pigs, a cow and a guinea hen in his office, so long as he hides them under his desk when Tony's around. (british_bemused_meerkat)
1. The "Infield fly rule." If a member of the House of Lords attempts to steal second, then a Member of the House of Commons can, legally, file a conjecture of filibuster. It's a complicated thing. (Janitor Bob)

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