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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your SUV Is Too Big

(submitted by The Mac Guy)

10. If you get in an accident, the EPA comes out to investigate the oil spill. (darthgator (I miss my Grand Wagoneer))
9. To get to the back, your kids have to use the moving sidewalk (standard on the '05 model!). (Buttsey57)
8. On long road trips, not one of your kids ever complains, "He's touching me!" (M@)
7. Kids keep asking if they could blow something up with "your tank." (LeeLee the House Hippo)
6. You accidentally run over your neighbor's pet... Honda. (meep the cynic)
5. It doesn't have cup holders, it has keg holders. (Oops I did it again)
4. You have a rope ladder installed for easy entry. (Kama)
3. You can't merge because there are 3 cars in your blind spot. (JenLeeWoo)
2. It came with a Texaco Seal of Approval. (Sitase-chan)
1. As you drive around town, you hear women yell "Sorry about your penis!" (rzenny)

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