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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little Known Things About the Democratic Contenders

(submitted by Vote Democratic)

10. They all failed the preliminary auditions for "American Idol." (squeezette, Firefly)
9. Two of them only ran because they've always wanted to go to New Hampshire but never had the time. (sageandscholar)
8. They all thought that "Super Tuesday" was when kids eat free at Shoney's. (lumberjack)
7. As a dedicated environmentalist, John Kerry allows a family of squirrels to live in the ample habitat provided by his hair. (meep the cynic)
6. Each of them was "line leader" in the 2nd grade. (arkgirl)
5. When combined together, they form Ultra Mega Democratbot. (Drewpy)
4. Everyone but Dean is an 'outtie.' (Buttsey57)
3. Kerry bribed Edwards to drop out by promising to tell him his secret hair gel formula. (meep the cynic)
2. Kerry killed men, Edwards killed pigs, Kucinich killed time and Sharpton killed entire buffets. (rorschak)
1. Al Sharpton can't get enough of John Tesh. (msjulianne)

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