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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons the Sun is Yellow

(submitted by I was one of them.)

10. The galaxy's interior designers thought it would offset the black holes (S. Mexican)
9. It's actually the spot where God puts his "sticky notes." (Michelle Luvs Dan)
8. Actually, that's a yolk and, trust me, ya don't wanna see the chicken! (Dan)
7. If it were blue you wouldn't see it against the sky. Planes would crash into it and there would be a mass panic about "that invisible UFO." (Naska the Zoki-Howler)
6. It used to be white, but it faded after God washed it too many times without using bleach. (jumpinjack)
5. It's the color of melting cheese. Where do you think our second moon went? (Floeman)
4. If you were six billion years old, you'd be yellow too! (Oops I did it again.)
3. Unfinished plan by space hippies to paint a BIG smiley face in the sky (Squeezette)
2. God hadn't yet created green highlighters on Day 4. (McNally)
1. When it was paisley, the shadows were freaking people out. (srp)

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