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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Excuses You Gave Your Wife After Buying that Lawn Gnome

(submitted by The Masked Man)

10. "Last night, when you were talking in your sleep, you said you wanted one. Thought I'd surprise you." (D's wife)
9. "Well, I thought it would be a good investment, with tech sctocks being so unstable." (SPOTICUS)
8. "Burglars will think we have no taste, and will thus not bother stealing anything from the house." (squeezette)
7. "It'll attract Leprechans! We'll get their gold, honey! Gold!" (M@)
6. "Yes, $500 is a lot for a lawn gnome, but it came with a free Titlist 975 driver!" (lefty)
5. "It prevents those pesky visits from Home and Garden." (Moe Pontiac)
4. "It reminds me of your mother." (squeezette)
3. "It was half price when I bought a yard flamingo of equal or greater value!" (DA maNA)
2. "My girlfriend has too much class to let me leave it in her yard." (lefty)
1. "Just be happy I didn't buy the bathtub gnome." (bok-choy)

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