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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

The Crocodile Hunter's Top Ten Pet Peeves

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10. Mammals. (Helix)
9. people who just dont understand his need to molest seemingly harmful reptiles. (from someone who doesnt)
8. Can never get a second date after taking a young lady croc wrasslin'. (Brianlh25)
7. Constantly turned down by the New York City Waterworks Commission for a special to be filmed in their sewers. (Bob Crikey Clemmons)
6. People who ask, "Aren't you that 'Aligator Tracker Dude'?" (Deimodius)
5. That there's no such thing as a croc proof jock strap! (Michelle Luvs Dan)
4. His first show, "Koala Hunter" was much more fun to do but the producers wanted something a little more exciting.
3. Mesozoic breath. (Alfredo Garcia)
2. People who remember him as "The Gecko Hunter" before he made it big. (Dan Loves Michelle)
1. Was snubbed by the Acadamy for his performance in the Crocodile Hunter Movie. (Bob Crikey Clemmons)

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