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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things the Energizer Bunny Wants To Say

(submitted by Luv U 2)

10. "Pink is the new black." (jessie)
9. "If only I had a better union, then I could take a break." (Darthdeke)
8. "The rash you get from always 'going.'" (Moe Pontiac)
7. "This is the only gig I could get after 'Kaptain Kangaroo.'" (Aaron Hirshberg)
6. "Sure, the bass drum is okay, but my true passion is playing the harp." (What the DILLY-O?!)
5. "Constant drumming gets you: fame, babes and carpal tunnel paws." (dionfly)
4. "I keep going and going but they never let me take a break and man I really gotta GO!" (Buttsey57)
3. "You know, my buddy only works Easters, maybe he could take over for a while?" (lil miss hermione)
2. "My agent sucks. That AFLAC duck got a condo on Maui. I got lettuce." (timbon20)
1. "While the ladies like Bugs for his sense of humor, it takes a real bunny to keep going all night long." (Steve Weiss)

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