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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little Known Things Confucious Say

(submitted by Naska the Zoki-Howler)

10. "Beware: the dot-coms will someday crash." (Magik)
9. "Brother in-law always drinks last beer." (Balistic)
8. "Wise man cannot straddle a ditch with a wheel-barrow." (hoss)
7. "Confucious often misquoted." (JLM2gainwisdom, Boewulf)
6. "Swallow inscrutible saying, digest all night." (Maniac Bob)
5. "Happy monkeys jump high, sad monkeys jump low, dead monkeys don't jump." (Pianobob)
4. "I cannot believe you thought I was serious, I mean come on... a GIANT WALL??" (Buttsey57, Lizard in the House)
3. "Man should have last word when arguing with wife, 'yes ma'am.'" (Toe9)
2. "Alright, for the last time, I speak, read, and write fluent, even elegant, Chinese and use it to espouse a fully developed, thoughtful commentary on the idea of human existence. Sub-par translation is not my fault." (anglesius)
1. "Give a man a list of one thing and he will be happy for an hour. Give him a list of ten things and he will be happy until next Monday or Thursday." (notMe)

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