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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways Guys Show They Care

(submitted by kent)

10. Letting you finish the half a hot dog he brought back from the game (k)
9. Putting forth extra effort getting dressed by taking that extra test whiff (Smells clean to me)
8. Sometimes he takes me out to a really nice restaurant and even carries my tray (mightymouth)
7. He opens doors (when people are watching) so that everyone will think you have a good catch. (The A Man )
6. Punching you on the arm, then giving you a dead frog is your playground sweethearts way of saying "I love you." (XskinnyX)
5. He always stays in one spot (on the sofa) so you don't have to look for him. (Jessica Tinch)
4. A dozen roses, a box of chocolates and a nice firm slap on the ass (Buttsey57)
3. A six pack of brewskies: universal guy language for "Thanks" or "You Da Man" (Tristan)
2. He asks you if the traffic was bad on your way home from the store with his beer. (buck an ear)
1. He knew you were tired of the toilet seat always being left up, so he just took it off all together. (hero's girl)

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