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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little Known Uses for Tin Foil

(submitted by Deimodius)

10. Pick up those hard to find radio stations on your braces (Zac)
9. Patching up that hole in your Kia (msjulianne)
8. Practicing swan-making for when your career at the take out place takes off (roxybaby2222)
7. At-home orthodontics for the kids (a)
6. When mixed in a tub with WD-40 and duct tape, it produces a giant angry robot. (stcdrumbum)
5. Do-It-Yourself Pet Cryogenic Kit (Geoduck)
4. Much more fashionable and not nearly as immodest as saran-wrap (Kent)
3. Combine it with a walkie -talkie, old RC car, and last year's fireworks and PRESTO, you have your very own failed Mars mission. (al)
2. Band-aids for the Tin Man (Tin Tin)
1. Wrapping your leftover cell phone minutes and storing them in the fridge (The Outraged DuK)

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