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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things We Learned from Gary Larson

(submitted by Boewulf)

10. Twisted can be beautiful. And very, very, funny. (ShoeShineBoy)
9. Rocket Scientists are just like the rest of us, only their blunders have greater implications. (JDAii)
8. You are that poorly drawn, goofy looking, idiot that he continually drew, day after day. (darthgator)
7. It's possible to read an entire calendar in forty-five minutes. (KSUDave)
6. If you are in any way cute, you are sure to meet certain doom. (Awetopsy)
5. That no matter how weird you are, there is someone else out there just like you. (Snoop Rob, Maniac Bob)
4. No matter what universe you're in, the females wear horn-rimmed glasses. (Universal truth)
3. There is no concept, phrase, literary theme, or proverb that cannot be depicted through the use of cattle. (thegreatmoleman2.0)
2. The difference between push and pull (school for the gifted, DA maNA)
1. One doesn't need a complete spinal and digestive system to be funny. (TheRob)

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