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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things to Do With an Out-of-Work Oompah Loompah

(submitted by Mute)

10. Aides to the President. They are *really* wise, you know. (D's wife)
9. Employ them as highway construction cones. (jk60611)
8. Oompah loompah doopity doo let him work at a temp job-oo. (Walrus)
7. Use him to get the discounted kid meals at Denny's. (Topher)
6. Exploit his amazing rhyming ability to start a boy band and make millions! (Topher)
5. Table leg, although it looks better if you can get a set of four. (Splunge)
4. Get him to make an everlasting pot stash like the gob stopper. (NuT wItH a GuN)
3. Try to raise their spirits by showing examples of another great Oompah Loompah, Ross Perot. (Can I Finish?)
2. Tell them to work as a life coach. They can come up with stern little songs about why the client is such an emotional mess. (bemused_meerkat)
1. See what happens if you crossbreed him with that out-of-work female Chumba Wumba you found. (LeeLee the House Hippo)

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