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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons the Mullet Was Really a Great Fashion Statement

(submitted by britbabe)

10. It was the only truly androgynous hairdo. (flute fancy)
9. The comb-over was long overdue for some competition. (jep)
8. It gave various parasites (ie ticks, lice, and, in some cases full grown lampreys) a safe place to hang out for a decade or two. (erik)
7. Versatility: Not only do you look good, but you can dust the blinds with your head. (xported)
6. It can be pulled back into a ponytail for very formal occasions. (billy ray rocks)
5. How else can you say "I'm a gun-toting love machine" with just a hairstyle? (ardnax)
4. Any hairstyle that makes you look like you've been professionally groomed to compete in an AKC dog show can't be all bad. (ShoeShineBoy)
3. If you are wearing a jacket with tails, your head matches your ass.
2. The long hair in the back distracts from that big old gob of nosehair in the front. (Bob "Kyan Douglas" Clemmons)
1. It drew attention away from your tattoo on your arm that read "My other arm is an arm." (Dan Loves Michelle)

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