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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Excuses for Having a Superhero Costume in Your Closet

(submitted by billionaireismful)

10. "It sure scares off the door-to-door evangelists." (Maniac Bob)
9. "In case this internet company fails, I've got something to fall back on." (Wonder Why)
8. Never know when that girl that won't give you the time of day needs rescuing. (javione)
7. "It came with the house, ironically enough, the crime rate has been going up ever since we moved in." (heya)
6. In case your super-duper hero costume is at the cleaners (Alfredo Garcia)
5. "I use it to motivate me to make it through my 15 minute exercise routine." (buc an ear)
4. "So what do you wear on flag day?" (Eman)
3. The Stainmaster attacked you yesterday and left a ..rather...embarassing calling card. (Buttsey57)
2. It's there to contrast your spouse's supervillian costume. (The Masked Man)
1. "Damn! If this is here that must mean Captain Studly is flying around in my french maid uniform!" (Michelle Loves Dan)

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