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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Cell Phone is Too Small

(submitted by Olaf)

10. Numbers are dialed by a team of specially trained microbes. (DA maNA)
9. You thought you broke it by stepping on it, but luckily it stayed in between a crack in the sole of your shoe. (Flip201)
8. You hold it up to your ear, and a sudden gust of wind lodges it into your ear canal. (Keitho likes cheese and cellphones)
7. You've taken to carrying dental floss, because it occassionally gets stuck between your teeth. (msjulianne)
6. No matter how hard you try to dial the right number, you always end up getting your mother-in-law. (ChAsEtHeRaiN)
5. The screen is too small to see which neat little ring tones you have. (And the buttons are too small to choose one)
4. The other guy finds his dropped contact lens first. (ChocoDave)
3. It makes Michael Jackson's nose look big. (OSU's finest)
2. _D::::I      <--- Actual Size of Your Cell Phone (Retrofied)
1. You can never find it, so you have to attach a pager to it. (Steve Weiss)

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