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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons Gasoline Prices Are So High

(submitted by junkshop coyote)

10. I don't know, but I'm willing to bet it's the same people who steal your socks from the dryer. (ouchouch)
9. Part of OPEC quest to make people walk wherever they go. (phillip y)
8. All of the 1's for those price signs wore out, so they had to switch to the 2's. (Beowulf)
7. Since we stopped buying their wine, the French have decided to export their gas prices. (Je77)
6. Greenspan trying to adjust the price of gas to more closely match the prices of lattes and water per gallon. (McNally)
5. 70's nostalgia. (The Great Janitor Yggdrasil)
4. Secret ploy by the Bush adminitration to launder your tax break dollars back into his campaign fund via Big Oil. (Slick Bush)
3. It's a ploy by the tobacco companies to make cigarettes seem cheaper. (Phillip Reynolds)
2. Damn teenagers keep switching the numbers on the signs. (For you and only you., JLM2gallons/mile)
1. Dessert Manufacturer's Union is slowly buying up all the oil reserves to artificially push the market onto their new Jello-powered cars. (krayZpaving)

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