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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Warnings on Consumer Product Packages

(submitted by lalalala)

10. Warning: There is no safeguard which can't be overcome by human stupidity. Please use common sense when using this product. (lefty)
9. On a one ton block of lead: "Induce vomiting if ingested or inhaled." (I'll remember that one) (LeeLee the House Hippo)
8. "Product may contain yellow." (bemused_meerkat)
7. (On peanut butter): WARNING: MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS (pestilence, BiggA, meh..., Deeva, ya think)
6. (On matches box) WARNING: Flammable! (Aletheastrea)
5. Do not iron clothes while on body. (My mom is Jenny C)
4. On a blow-dryer: Do Not Use While Sleeping (Kira, meh..., Kira, Katie is awesome, Mute)
3. For Indoor or Outdoor Use Only (Baseball Bob, i don't get it, jessie)
2. Warning! Wearing cape does not enable one to fly. (broken-armed supergirl, away!, Deimodius, MEZMAH)
1. On a collapsable stroller--Remove child before folding (Sarah H., MEZMAH)

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