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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Uses for Earwax

(submitted by theEARWIG)

10. Gives your earbees something to do. (Buttsey57)
9. It's actually a very effective super-conductor, but only when picked in just the right way. (I haven't figured out that way yet)
8. It's a one-for-one substitute for dog slobber. (Maniac Bob)
7. Sister Repellent (Buttsey57)
6. Naturally Scented Candles for those Romantic Occasions (Mr. Suave, Beowulf)
5. Spread it on the back of paper scraps - instant Post-It notes (Beowulf)
4. Blonde highlights (LeeLee the House Hippo)
3. When liberally applied provides shaping and contouring for the new grooming phenomenon 'Handlebar Earstaches' (Menasaur)
2. Ever wondered what "yellow 58" is? (Beowulf)
1. Lo-carb alternative to boogers (Janitor Bob)

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