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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Forgotten Predictions Nostrodamus Made for Next Year

(submitted by DFU)

10. The um, whatsit.... will.... you know.. and then all the Earth shall, em, well, everything will be terrible, .....maybe! (squeezette)
9. The world will fight a great monster shaped like a Heinz Pickle covered in Heinz Catsup shouting the words "No Bo Tox". (Walrus)
8. "It'll probably start of really cold, then get warmer in the middle and then get cold at the end again." (Thomas Palsson)
7. That the most powerful nation would be ruled by fools and idiots! (Smurfette)
6. The Local rock station will provide for "Less Talk, More Rock." (darthgator)
5. In the year that is long and filled with many seasons, thousands will continually misinterpret all the vague statements I made. (KSUDave)
4. September 19th will be forever knows as Atkins day, when Dr. Atkins rises from the grave giving steaks to the faithful and slaying the bread eaters. (allannero)
3. The spinning, heated machines will set free all of the cotton footwear it has taken captive since it has been connected to its energy provider. (Aletheastrea)
2. The World will end AGAIN..and if it doesn't then he meant the year after next. (eeek the mouse)
1. A slanted tower will fall on a twisted man. Price of vegetables will go up. (so it is written so let it be heard)

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