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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Dialed the Wrong Number

(submitted by The Outraged Duk)

10. Your ex-girlfriend answers and refers to herself with your ex-best friend's last name. (Mr. Sorry, Wrong Number)
9. "If this is anyone who's watched my video, things haven't changed, I'm coming to get you in 7 days .... If you have any questions, leave a message after the beep." (The Outraged DuK)
8. You now know the weather forcast. For June 18th 1974. (JLM2digitsoff)
7. "Wait a sec, honey, my name's LISA, not STACY, and we went out LAST night, not the night before last..." (KT (any guy who does that to me had better run))
6. "Error 404- phone number not found, if you would like to check the availability of this number, press 1 for more options" (The Outraged DuK)
5. They answered with "Mung Going's Cheap Chinese Takeout." Clearly you dialed wrong. You were trying to call the hot chick who gave you her number at the bar. (no, I've never had that happen)
4. You are asked to "code in" by a deep throated man. (I love Bourne!)
3. The girl on the other end is really happy to see you and would love to go out again this weekend. (JrsyRose)
2. You woke on a ship flying to Zion and everyone calls you Neo. (Flip201)
1. You dialed 867-5309, and the voice tells you that "For the last time, there's no Jenny here!" (Steve Weiss)

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