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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard At Britney's Marriage Ceremony

(submitted by k.a)

10. Do you take whatshisname here, to be your faithfully wedded husband. (sageandscholar)
9. No, babe, I can't stay that long, I have a must-do appointment Mon. morning. (lucinda)
8. Are you SURE this is just a video shoot? (Squeezette)
7. "Can you believe that Britney's veil did not match her thong?" (mike)
6. "Ohh so that's your last name, I guess it goes well with Britney." (Dlightful)
5. It's 5:30, we've already played roulette, seen Tom Jones, rode the New York New York's roller coaster and had peach pie. Might at well get married. (Steve Weiss)
4. I'll bet fifty bucks he has to change his name to Mr. Britney Spears. (zook)
3. I hear they're registered at the Kwik-E-Mart. (The A Man)
2. That comes to $89.95. Please pull ahead to the second window. (Bob Clemmons)
1. Dearly beloved... and strangers waiting in line... (The A Man)

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