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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Roommate Might be a Super Villain

(submitted by Big Mike)

10. The pool is full of sharks, the pool table is boobie trapped, and some guy in a tuxedo just ran past my room. (allannero)
9. Evil Minions are always hogging the TV remote. (RiverCityKid)
8. He refuses to stop drawing eldritch circles on the floor (you can cover them up with the rug, but they still show...) (beemee)
7. Purple and black spandex always seem to be the load in the wash before yours. (Kittenish)
6. He keeps an army of killer robots in his half of the hall closet. (bemused_meerkat)
5. His legion of penguins seems rather suspicious. (DA maNA)
4. You notice posters around campus saying, "We want YOU to join the Army of Doom" with your dorm number listed. (pezgirl247)
3. Complimentary coaster from Arkham Assylum on his desk. (Walrus)
2. All the Kryptonite in the fridge leaves no room for beer. (Moose)
1. Death Ray blocking entrance to bathroom. (Walrus)

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