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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Start Your Own Coffee Shop

(submitted by Jody Jenkins)

10. You like the idea of matching funny noises to different types of coffees that you randomly mix. (eman)
9. The nearest StarBucks is all the way accross the street. (LittleJohnT)
8. If you go out of business, the rest of the pastries are yours. (And they probably won't last long once you stay up all night after drinking the leftover espresso.) (Aletheastrea)
7. You've always found yourself to be a whimiscal combination of hyper and unmotivated. (DA maNA)
6. A month ago, you bought the building across the street from where that girl you've been stalking works, and people are beginning to wonder. (Aletheastrea)
5. You don't sleep at night, why should anyone else? (batman (no thumbs))
4. It seems the next logical step since you already own a bar and an aspirin factory. (allanner)
3. You're tired of being called a soda jerk. (DA maNA)
2. You have tons of young friends that have nowhere to hang out but your house. You may as well see them at work too. (Buttsey57 (Obviously I know the Topic poster and our coffee shop creating friends))
1. Your toffee shop wasn't doing so well, and, well, those damn sign letters are so expensive. (TLVMAN)

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