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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You've Angered The Karma Gods

(submitted by Billy From The Hills)

10. None of the 43 socks you own make a pair. (lefty)
9. Since 1984, your toast has landed butter-side-down 386 times in a row. (JDAii)
8. Your seeing eye dog dropped you off at the rail road tracks. (Britta-Gabrielle)
7. Not only did you come back as a coffee table in your next life, but you don't even match the sofa! (KSUDave)
6. You win $20 on your lottery ticket and get a $50 parking ticket while cashing it. (vipercat)
5. On the one day you forget your pants to work, people notice. (Marmot)
4. You open a box of toothpicks and they all fly out and poke you in the eye. (Magik)
3. You catch yourself thinking that Wile E. Coyote had it easy. (Orlphar)
2. Doing anything even as insignificant as squishing a mosquito results in pianos, anvils, and meteors plummeting towards you from the sky. (M@)
1. You went to pick an orange out of the orange pyramid at the supermarket which triggered them to all tumble down, which made you slip and kick the soup can pyramid. (LeeLee the Talking Turkey Vulture)

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