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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things NASA Didn't Tell You About the Mission to Mars

(submitted by OSU's Finest)

10. The mission was critical, as we are dangerously low on red crayons. (DA maNA)
9. They just used the moon landing set and painted it red. (Topher)
8. Loaded with trinkets and baulbles for the martians (just in case). (webflyer)
7. Radioshak supplied most of the engineers. (DA maNA)
6. Looking for oil for Halliburton, who financed trip with federal no-interest loan. (rorschak)
5. They already know the Martians quite well; the rover is just delivering a pizza. (Olympus Mon)
4. "The school books that your children would have read about it in--paid for it." (dionfly)
3. Due to massive budget cuts, the Mars Rover is nothing but a Radio Shack RC car with a web cam duct taped to the top. (Brianlh25)
2. When Saddam was asked "Where are your weapons of mass destruction?", he jokingly replied, "Try Mars." (vipercat)
1. Actually a preemptive strike against Marvin the Martian ordered by the President after watching Looney Tunes. (Baby)

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